What is Good Mileage On a Used Car?

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When buying used cars, there are many things you should consider. Mileage is just one of those things — though it is, of course, important. So, what is good mileage for a used car, and how much mileage is too much for a used car? While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to these types of questions, we here at Chevrolet Buick GMC Of Fairbanks are happy to provide some guidelines to go by so you can feel confident about your next used vehicle purchase in Fairbanks.


What’s The Best Way to Shop for a Used Car Near North Pole?

Here are some important factors to consider when buying used in Fairbanks in addition to the vehicle’s mileage:

  • Location: Has your vehicle been used in a warm, dry climate? A cold, humid area? The location of your vehicle and the climate at that location can have a big impact on a vehicle’s condition.
  • Condition: From mechanical problems to rust issues and electrical gremlins, there are plenty of mechanical issues to consider when buying a used car, used truck, or SUV.
  • Maintenance: A spotty service history can be a sign of expensive problems in the future. Be sure your vehicle has had service done according to its maintenance schedule and owner’s manual recommendations.
  • Usage: A used vehicle that was driven 75,000 miles in stop and go traffic will probably have more wear and tear than one that has the same mileage, but was driven on the freeway. While there’s no way to tell exactly how a car was driven, a vehicle maintenance history can provide clues if you look at the vehicle’s age and mileage together.

Choosing a Used Car Based on Mileage

There really is just no right answer to the question, “What is good mileage on a used car?” What’s considered “good” by one person could be considered “too much” by another.

Generally, there’s a correlation between mileage, age, and vehicle cost. Some Fort Wainwright-area drivers prefer a higher-mileage vehicle that’s bargain-priced. Indeed, with how long used cars are lasting today, such vehicles can be a great deal and provide years of trouble-free service. Of course, as with any used vehicle, though, you’re never going to be 100% sure what you’re getting. That’s why some Eielson Airforce Base car shoppers decide to lease a newer vehicle for low monthly payments.

Used Car Mileage vs. Age

A newer car that has higher mileage could be a better option than a low-mileage older car that’s been sitting without being maintained:

  • A car that hasn’t been driven regularly will often have higher repair costs. Mechanical issues or problems with rubber seals and gaskets can often occur over time if a car isn’t driven regularly.
  • A vehicle with a well-documented maintenance history is often better than one that has been neglected, regardless of age.
  • Low mileage vehicles often come with a higher price tag. For many North Pole shoppers with a bit more leeway in their budgets, that can be worth it. In fact, certified pre-owned vehicles — which usually have mileage and age restrictions along with warranty coverage — are popular in Fairbanks for this reason.

Shop for Quality Used & Certified Used Cars at Chevrolet Buick GMC Of Fairbanks!

Here at Chevrolet Buick GMC Of Fairbanks, we have plenty of high-quality low mileage used cars and certified pre-owned cars for sale! We’ve also got tons of bargain-priced used vehicles. Not sure which is best for you? Give us a call anytime at 866-578-2379, and we’ll be happy to walk you through your options. Meanwhile, check out our used vehicle specials to save more on your next pre-owned purchase at Chevrolet Buick GMC Of Fairbanks.

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