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Alaska Emergency Kit

Snowy Mountains


Driving through Alaska isn’t the same as what you may experience in the “lower 48”. There is a level of solitude that makes preparation for every trip a requirement. It’s important to prepare an emergency kit for driving to Alaska and through Alaska. Beyond jumper cables and a spare tire, what could you possibly need though? Chevrolet GMC Of Fairbanks dives into an Alaska winter car emergency kit and through the rest of the seasons so you know how to be prepared for your adventures through one of the wildest parts of the country.


Alaska Summer Car Emergency Kit

To prepare for an Alaskan summer, we recommend you pack your vehicle’s Alaska emergency kit with a number of things. Some of which will carry over into the other seasons.

  • Always pack additional food and water.
  • Load up a first aid kit with antiseptics, disinfectant solution, a tourniquet, band aids, and other supplies for a minor injury.
  • Have an extra rain jacket for the unreliable weather.
  • A basic tool set to aid in any repairs is always a good idea.
  • Duct tape is a helpful tool for many situations, and can hold things together until you can get to a better spot.
  • Have a set of road flares and emergency cones.

Alaska Winter Car Emergency Kit

When you are headed out on a day in the Alaskan winter, you’ll be dealing with a whole different breed of weather and roads. In addition to the supplies that we mention in the summer kit, we suggest a few additional tools for your Alaska winter car emergency kit:

  • A stove/fuel.
  • A satellite phone if you’re navigating for any long distance in remote areas.
  • Paracord, or a firebug keychain that comes equipped with paracord, fire starter, and mirror signalers.
  • Extra layers/sets of clothes, and blankets.
  • A shovel and tow strap.
  • Full size spare tires and tire chains.

Alaska Emergency Survival Kit

As you head off on any adventure around Alaska, the things mentioned above are good to have with you. The unpredictability and variation between the Fall and Spring seasons may require additional caution, however, you’ll likely want the sets of tools in these lists, maybe with some minor adjustments depending on the weather. We highly recommend keeping your kit ready and on hand every time you head out.

Alaska Car Emergency Kit by Chevrolet GMC Of Fairbanks!

Before you head out on the roads beyond Fort Wainwright and Eielson Airforce Base, you should have your emergency kit for driving to Alaska ready. As you head out on any adventure beyond the car, a lot of these items are useful as your Alaska emergency survival kit for backpacking or outdoor adventures. Preparation is the key to success, and our team at Chevrolet GMC Of Fairbanks can help you get ready for your adventure. Contact our team at Chevrolet GMC Of Fairbanks if you have any questions.

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