How to Remove Ice from Driveway Without Salt

October 25th, 2018 by

man removing snow and ice from the driveway

Drivers from North Pole to Fort Wainwright are used to driving in snow and ice. While you might find salt on the roadways or driveways when traveling around Alaska, you shouldn’t buy salt for your driveway. Learning how to melt ice on your driveway without salt is critical for effectiveness and keeping your property safe. Road salt melts ice when temperatures are in the 20s. Since temperatures frequently dip below the 20s, Fairbanks drivers can’t expect road salt to be effective. Find out how to remove ice from your driveway without salt with Chevrolet GMC Of Fairbanks today.

What is Deicing?

Deicing is the process of removing snow from the pavement when it freezes. A standard method of deicing is spreading rock salt, but it has some undesirable side effects like killing plants and grass in the vicinity, as well as causing problems with over salination of local lakes and rivers. Discovering effective methods of how to deice a driveway without salt will ensure that you stay safe and your property will be in fine order when the snow and ice finally melt this spring. We can teach you how to clear ice from a driveway without salt in a variety of ways below.

How to Melt Ice on the Driveway Without Salt

Learning how to remove ice from your driveway is critical to ensure the safety of your North Pole family. However, as we discussed, it may be of even greater concern to learn techniques of how to clear ice from your driveway without salt. Whether you’re worried about your grass staying healthy during the spring months or keeping your local waters pristine, we have innovative alternatives to using salt for deicing:

  • Hot Water – If the ice is thick and won’t come off, boil a large pot of hot water and apply it to the chunk of ice, making sure to sweep the water off the surface so that it doesn’t get cold and freeze on the driveway. This can be effective to remove ice from the driveway in stubborn areas.
  • Potassium Chloride – As long as the temperature is above 15 degrees Fahrenheit, potassium chloride is a great alternative to rock salt, and it won’t kill your grass and other plants when you remove ice from the driveway.
  • Sand – Sand doesn’t melt ice, but it offers extra traction for your wheels on slippery surfaces like ice. This can serve as a quick-fix, but it is still recommended to learn how to deice your driveway without salt.
  • Shovel with Aluminum Edge Strip – When buying snow shovels, make sure you buy a shovel with a sharp aluminum edge strip on the end of the shovel scoop. This metal strip is used to break up and remove ice from your driveway. This simple technique is often overlooked when trying to remove ice from the driveway, but can be tremendously effective with some elbow grease!
  • Homemade Solutions: You may not know that you can learn how to remove ice from your driveway with simple household items. Combine a solution of a half-gallon of hot water, six drops of dish soap, and 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol into a bucket. This is an effective and satisfying way to learn how to get rid of ice on your driveway as you watch the ice bubble up and melt away. Simply spread the solution on your driveway and shovel the newly melted ice, and your property will be safe once more!

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Now that you know how to deice a driveway without salt, you can stay safer and more comfortable every time you head out the door to brave the Fort Wainwright weather. However, if you want a rugged vehicle that can withstand the elements, you can safely travel before you have had a chance to remove ice from the driveway. If you’re looking for an AWD vehicle that can handle the snow, ice, and cold of winters in Eielson Airforce Base, then come to Chevrolet GMC Of Fairbanks. We have a great selection of new vehicle specials going on! Contact us to learn more about how to melt ice on the driveway without salt, Alaskan driving tips and tricks, or for things to do like checking out the Northern Lights.

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